Creative Ways to Hide Christmas Gifts

Creative Ways to Hide Christmas Gifts

By 10 Federal Storage

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and the end-of-year holidays are fast approaching. Soon the rush to purchase Christmas gifts for your family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else you may consider important will become the major focus of your free time. But there’s an important question that comes with this process: what is the best Christmas gift hiding place? 10 Federal Storage has been there, done that, and we want to float you our best tips and tricks to keeping your gifts under wraps until the big day.

Close to the Heart

Of course, the simplest solution is to store your gifts right in your own home. They’re available to you for immediate access, and you never have to question where anything is. Except, of course, for the fact that Christmas gifts multiply fast, and before you know it you may have more gifts than you have space for. After all, there’s only a finite amount of space in your closets, attic, garage, and under the bed, and if you buy gifts for more than a few people you will likely find your potential hiding places filled up before your shopping is done. 

This problem is only exacerbated if the people you’re shopping for have their eyes set on larger gifts for the holidays. While small gifts may be creatively maneuvered to maximize the effectiveness of your storage space, medium and large gifts are inevitably going to dominate whatever space they are stored in, especially considering larger gifts (such as televisions) almost always come in even larger boxes. 

Let’s also not forget the struggle of having nosey children (or even a nosey spouse) in the house. While you may think that your gift hiding strategy is foolproof, never underestimate the determination of a determined gift hunter, especially a child who is eager to know if they’re getting that new electronic or toy they’ve dreamed about for months. 

Even if they’re unsuccessful the first year they begin searching, that determination will only grow stronger over time, and eventually your hiding spots will be found out. And, of course, once a spot has been compromised, you cannot go back to using it, as your seasoned gift hunter will now know exactly where to look. So, where do you hide Christmas presents if you not only have limited space, but also have your choices limited by past discoveries?

You could always ask a friend or family member to let you store your gifts at their house. That would certainly solve the problem of curious eyes seeking out your preferred storage spaces, but this raises a new set of challenges. For one, your family and friends will need their space to store their own gifts, meaning their ability to help you will be limited, which either limits the amount of gifts you can buy or puts you in a position of having to store gifts at multiple locations, which would quickly get tedious. Then there’s the question of scheduling. You may be able to store your gifts with a friend or family member without issue, but what happens when you need to access your gifts for wrapping or transportation purposes and your schedules conflict? Now you’ve successfully kept prying eyes from ruining the surprise, but you’ve also kept your gifts from being accessible, as well.

Home, but Not Quite

Storing your gifts at home presents some challenges of its own, especially in terms of making the gifts discoverable by some of those you hope to hide them from. What about storing them in your vehicle? It keeps them out of the home and not immediately accessible, except it heavily accentuates the issue of storage space, as your vehicle is going to have significantly less room than your home will, and while this option may prove useful for small gifts (or even a few medium presents), it is almost certainly not going to allow you to store large purchases. 

Plus, there’s always the risk that curious eyes will manage to catch sight of their gifts during a car ride to school, extracurricular activities, family events, or any other number of trips. And your childrens’ eyes are the only ones you’d need to worry about in this case: if the wrong person passes by your vehicle and notices you have gifts stored inside, your gifts may become their gifts. You may be able to mitigate this risk if you have a garage, but then this solution isn’t much different than storing your gifts in your home, which reintroduces the problems present with that solution.

Your Own Off-Site Space

Keeping your gifts at home or in your vehicle comes with more than a few challenges to consider, but how do you hide Christmas presents if you can’t keep them home, at a friend/family member’s home, or your own vehicle? Consider using a storage unit, like those offered by This provides you with your own private, personal space to store your gifts where your children, spouse, or any other would-be gift saboteur will not just lack easy access to your gifts, they’ll have no access to them. 

The majority of 10 Federal Storage’s facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, meaning you can drop off and access your gifts when it’s convenient for you to do so, no more trying to coordinate your gift hiding around the times those you hope to surprise will be busy with their own tasks, or worrying about how you will wrap gifts with those very people living in the same space as you. Instead, you can rent your own personal storage and workspace to get your gift storing and wrapping done on your schedule, and because storage units come in various sizes, you can select your unit based on the amount and size of presents you consider to buy. 

Shopping for a large number of people who all want large gifts? You can select a larger sized unit to accommodate those needs. Perhaps you’re only shopping for a few people, but you lack much in the way of storage space at home. You can then opt to rent a smaller unit instead. 

But, you ask, what if you have no use for storage after Christmas? With 10 Federal Storage’s units, that’s not a problem, as they offer month-to-month leasing, meaning if you no longer need the extra storage space after the holidays are over, you can simply cancel your lease. Of course, there are many other events throughout the year where you may need to hide gifts–such as birthdays and anniversaries–where retaining your unit may still prove beneficial. 

Forget the Stress and Enjoy the Holiday Spirit

This year, forgo the stress of asking yourself where to hide Christmas gifts and constantly worrying about having your carefully planned surprises ruined and consider renting the perfect Christmas gift hiding place in the form of a storage unit that you can control access to without any risk of your kids stumbling upon your secret trove. Store your gifts, come and go at your own convenience to wrap them, and rest assured knowing that your precious surprises are safely, securely, and secretly locked away in a space all your own.

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