Student Storage

Student Storage at 10 Federal

Going away to college is an exciting transition into adulthood. However, there are many new changes that can cause some unease. Navigating around campus, learning your schedule, and figuring out how to fit all your stuff in a small dorm room are all things that can cause some stress. Let 10 Federal Storage take one thing off your plate with our top-notch self storage units. These units provide a solution to all your student storage needs while also offering a variety of benefits. Contact your local 10 Federal facility to rent a self storage unit today!

Reasons for Needing Storage

There are many circumstances that may require you to find some extra storage space or a place to keep your items while you are away. Self storage units can provide a viable solution for several types of student storage needs. These needs include:

  • Summer Break: You do not want to continuously haul your items back and forth every time you go home over the summer. Renting a self storage unit in the town you attend college in can save you time and energy each time you move back into your dorm in the fall.
  • Study Abroad Trip: Being able to live in a different country for a semester is an exciting opportunity that should not be passed up. Self storage units from 10 Federal can offer a place to keep your items while you are off exploring new places and learning a new language.
  • Internship: Taking that next step toward gaining experience in the career you wish to pursue is a big deal. Sometimes you need a place to keep your things while you travel to a new town for an internship. 10 Federal can keep your belongings safe while you gain vital, real-world experience.
  • Tight Living Quarters: Whether you are living in a dorm or apartment, there are times when you simply cannot fit the number of items you own in the space provided to you. Now, you can create more space to store your items with a self storage unit.
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Benefits of Student Storage

Our self storage facilities all offer a unique set of features to make your life easier. From climate-controlled storage to drive-up access, we want to make your self storage experience seamless. In addition to these features, self storage units also provide a multitude of benefits for students needing more space.

Cost-Effective Storage Solution

At 10 Federal, we understand how expensive college can be. When you are working with a budget that is already tight, you do not want to add another large expense on top of that. Find affordable self storage units at one of our nearby facilities. You can save even more when you rent online or split with a group of friends. There is no need to sacrifice quality for affordability when you can have both at 10 Federal.

Flexible and Convenient Features

There are many times when you find yourself needing storage for only a short amount of time. Rather than becoming tied down to a long-term lease that you do not need, 10 Federal lets you rent your storage unit on a month-to-month basis. Whether you need a self storage unit for just one semester or an entire school year, we can help. We also offer convenient payment options with our online payment feature. Pay your monthly bill from anywhere at just the touch of a button at 10 Federal.

Provides Additional Space

Figuring out how to live in a cramped space with a roommate or a group of friends can be tricky. It is hard to share a dorm room or living area when you have had your own space for so long. When you move in with a roommate, you may find that you do not have enough space for everything or that you have duplicate items.

This is where self storage units come in. Now, instead of sacrificing your items by selling them or throwing them away, you can store them at 10 Federal and access them when you have a bigger space or a place to yourself. Our units come in a wide range of sizes so you have the ability to store whatever you need to. Unsure how much space you need? Check out our unit size guide for a size recommendation.

Rent Your Student Storage Unit From 10 Federal Today!

College should be a time of excitement and fun and not a time to worry about storage space. 10 Federal is here to help with student storage solutions near you! Contact your local facility or go online to rent or reserve your self storage unit today.