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Unleash the power of innovative storage management services with 10 Federal Storage. Boasting a solid reputation built over 14 years, we are at the forefront of the self storage industry, offering end-to-end management services for property owners and investors.

Why Choose 10 Federal Storage?

Choosing 10 Federal Storage means partnering with a leader in cutting-edge self storage management. Our unique approach combines advanced technology with personalized service to optimize your property's performance and profitability. We provide tailor-made solutions to meet each client's specific needs, ensuring your self storage facility operates at its full potential.

We understand that your self storage business is more than just self storage or storage space available to rent. It's a valuable asset that requires expert management to maximize its value. With 10 Federal Storage, you can trust that your property is in capable hands.

Unparalleled Proficiency

Broad Outreach: Our management of over 4 million rentable square feet across 15 states showcases our supremacy in the storage management services sector.

Leading the Way in Automation: Our trailblazing initiatives in automation and remote management have revolutionized operational efficiency in the self storage field.

Prioritizing Customers: Our impressive Google rating average of 4.6 stars across all properties in 2023 is a testament to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and a seamless rental procedure.

Strong Presence: Our substantial digital footprint combined with our steadfast dedication to maintaining our physical facilities underlines our promise of unrivaled storage management services.

Strategic Goals

Boosting Revenue: Our strategic pricing and potent marketing tactics have elevated us beyond major self storage REITs in terms of 2023 Revenue Growth.

Pursuing Excellence: We take pride in delivering industry-best rental processes and a comprehensive customer self-service portal.

Team Mastery: Our leadership team, backed by years of storage management services experience, imparts insightful supervision in storage and REIT management.

Upholding High Standards: Our commitment to sustain high operational standards focuses on safety, proactive service improvements, environmental sustainability and premium customer service.

Maximize Returns with Industry-Leading Storage Management Services

We excel as a third-party management provider, managing self storage properties on behalf of property owners and investors. Trust our proprietary technology, seasoned team, and superior operational processes to manage automated self storage facilities efficiently across the country.

We understand the self storage market and what it takes to be a solid self storage investment. As a third-party management provider, we offer valuable insights to investors and property owners on how best to maximize their storage facilities’ potential.

Investing in self storage has become increasingly popular among investors looking for stable and lucrative opportunities. The appeal of self storage investments lies in their resilience during economic fluctuations and their potential for high returns.

With many storage facilities expanding across urban and suburban areas, the demand for self storage units is on the rise, driven by factors such as downsizing, relocation, and the need for temporary storage solutions. Through strategic investment in self storage, investors tap into a market with growing customer demand and a robust revenue model, bolstered by the scalable nature of self storage businesses.

At 10 Federal Storage, we understand the intricacies of managing and operating many storage facilities, making us a preferred partner for those entering the self storage market. Our expertise in storage management services covers the full spectrum of self storage investments, from selecting the right properties to implementing operational efficiencies and innovative technologies.

Redefining Storage Management Services: Our Success is Your Success

For over 14 years, we have successfully operated remote self storage properties. We pride ourselves on our 4.6-star Google Rating across all properties in 2023, with 20 properties (30% of our portfolio) achieving a Reputation Score above 800. Our revenue growth in 2023 surpassed that of major self storage REITs, and our initial fund offerings achieved top-quartile rankings compared to other Value-Added Real Estate funds.

We're deemed a top operator in the self storage industry and storage management services. Our trailblazing approach to automation and remote management has contributed to our strong focus on customer satisfaction, digital presence, revenue management, and operational excellence. Trust in our ability to guide you through the complexities of the self storage investment landscape, ensuring your venture into the world of self storage is both rewarding and successful.

For investors and property owners interested in self storage businesses, partnering with us means gaining access to a wealth of experience, cutting-edge management practices, and a track record of enhancing property values and maximizing returns. Trust in our ability to guide you through the complexities of the self storage investment landscape, ensuring your venture into the world of self storage is both rewarding and successful.

Why Owners Prefer 10 Federal Storage Management Services:

Innovative Technology

10 Federal is a leader in technology, utilizing a proprietary tech stack for managing automated self storage facilities remotely. This includes a fast online rental process, data science and business intelligence tools for strategic business decision-making, and customer-centric features like "Text to Open" and "Scan to Open," allowing tenants easy access to their storage units. An AI-powered chatbot is also in place for instant customer support, and we maintain a comprehensive Business Intelligence system for informed strategic planning.

30 Second Rentals

Our online rental process sets a new industry benchmark by being the quickest available. Users can complete their rental on our website in less than a minute, significantly improving over the typical 5 to 10-minute industry norm. Our streamlined efficiency substantially lowers abandonment rates, ensuring potential customers stay engaged and significantly boosting conversion rates.

Automated Rental Recovery

Our distinctive feature for recovering abandoned rentals kicks in for the occasional cart abandoner, auto-sending follow-up emails and SMS to reconnect with customers. Plus, our site features a 24/7 AI chatbot, with the added choice for customers to talk to real agents, making sure help is just a click away.

High Operational Standards

10 Federal sets the bar high with our operational standards and storage management services. We provide expert management of self storage facilities with a dedicated team responsible for property transitions, operations, accounting, finance, human resources, technology, and development. Our proprietary task and customer management system ensures peak efficiency, with 90% of calls answered by a live agent within 60 seconds and 81 hours of call center coverage each week. Then we conduct rigorous inspections, safety checks, and digital oversight to maintain these high standards.

Proactive Service and Safety Measures

For 10 Federal, customer convenience is a priority. We offer quick pay technology, AI chatbot assistance, 24/7/365 online leasing, and a full life-cycle tenant web portal. A call center is in place for unmanned operations and offers auto-teller capabilities for payment processing. In addition, we have a comprehensive approach to immediate action, revenue protection, certification compliance, maintenance planning, sustainability, and long-term vision. Regular property assessments are conducted to ensure efficient facility and maintenance processes. We believe this is what great storage management services should look like.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategies for Revenue Growth

10 Federal uses data-driven marketing insights to constantly refine their marketing efforts. This includes maximizing return on spend through SEO work and Google Adwords/SEO updates. Their customer-centric approach, which includes quick pay technology, AI chatbot, online leasing, and a full lifecycle tenant web portal, helps drive consistent occupancy rates. We also focus on reputation management, online curb appeal, review generation, and marketing strategies to boost customer satisfaction and revenue growth

Advanced Analytics to Maximize Performance

10 Federal leverages data science and business intelligence for strategic business decision-making. We utilize advanced algorithms for self storage pricing that respond to competitor data nationwide in real time. This attention to detail extends to their BI system, which provides retrospective views and projects future trends for preemptive action. They use detailed analysis and market insights to optimize asset performance and enhance customer satisfaction through data-driven management decisions.

As a leader in self storage management, 10 Federal Storage offers cutting-edge technology, personalized storage management services, and a proven track record of success. Our commitment to high operational standards, revenue growth strategies

Self Storage Investing with 10 Federal Storage

Looking for self storage investing opportunities? Partner with 10 Federal Storage. Our track record of delivering excellent results and maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction makes us the perfect partner to realize your investment goals in the self storage industry.

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