RV, Boat, & Vehicle Storage

RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage with 10 Federal

When your RV is taking up too much space in your driveway or you need to move your boat out of the garage to make room for your spouse’s car, you have probably been thinking a lot about where you can keep your extra vehicle without it being in the way.

10 Federal Storage offers a solution with RV, boat, and car storage at many of our facilities. We offer both uncovered parking spaces and interior units with enough space for parking, so you have options to choose from to find a great place to keep your extra vehicle.

Vehicle Storage Tips

Storing your vehicle at a facility like ours can be quite a bit different from storing it at home. As such, there are a few things you can do to prepare your vehicle for storage that can make things go smoother. Always clean out any food, drink, or other perishables from your vehicle. Generally clean out the interior and dry off everything to avoid moisture damage. If you are storing outside, a sturdy and breathable vinyl cover is a great way to protect your vehicle from the rain.

For longer storage (more than 30 days), you should make sure to have a full tank of gas and add a fuel stabilizer to the tank to prevent stale fuel. It is also a good idea to get an oil change before long-term storage.

If you plan to park in a storage unit, be sure to check with us to make sure the unit you unit is trailer accessible.

Boat Storage

In addition to generally cleaning the interior of your boat, you will also want to perform some maintenance checks. You should flush the engine using the manufacturer’s recommended salt removal process. If you do not have electrical access, you should remove the boat’s batteries and plug them into a trickle charger at home. Make sure the tires on your trailer are at their maximum recommended psi and chock the tires to prevent any accidents.

RV Storage

With outdoor RV storage, protection from UV rays is a must. The vinyl cover is a good start, but you should also cover your tires and close all of the curtains inside. You will want to unplug your battery at the positive and negative connection points. For winter storage, you should also drain all of the tanks to prevent ice from cracking the pipes.

Car Storage

Storing a car is a lot like storing an RV or boat. One major addition is that you should run the car every two weeks for 15 minutes and drive it periodically. This will keep the battery charged and make sure everything will run smoothly when you bring it back out for full-time use. A major thing you should not do is use the parking brake, as prolonged usage could cause the brake pads to fuse. Instead, you can chock the tires to help keep your car in place.

Store Your Vehicles With 10 Federal

From classic cars to fishing boats to RVs, 10 Federal’s vehicle storage can help you free up space in your garage and driveway so you can enjoy your ride without worrying about storage. Find 10 Federal vehicle storage near you today!