Household Storage

Household storage

Home is where the heart is. When you come home from a long day or you have decided to stay in for the weekend, you deserve to have the space to stretch your legs, unwind, and spend time with your family. But when there is clutter standing in the way, a weight can be left on your shoulders, making it hard to enjoy your downtime.

At 10 Federal Storage, we’re here with the household storage units near you to free up some additional space in your home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how your home can benefit from a self storage unit, and if there is a 10 Federal Storage facility in your area, you will have no trouble getting that space thanks to the easy, convenient storage rentals we offer.

Free Up Space in Your House or Apartment

You can weigh the options for your household storage solutions, whether that is getting rid of belongings or upsizing to a larger place, but self storage can prove to be one of the best choices. With 10 Federal Storage, you can choose exactly how much square footage you want to rent, as many of our facilities offer a wide range of storage unit sizes.

Our units can be close to home and less expensive than moving. Plus, should you see your situation as temporary, you can cancel your household storage unit lease at any time, giving you the flexibility to adjust your storage needs as your life changes. Even if you’re moving across state borders, 10 Federal Storage locations can be found in 12 states, so check to see if we will be in your new neighborhood.

Moving storage

Moving can be one of the most exhausting yet exciting things for you. It’s stressful to enter a new stage in your life, but you’re also stepping into a new world of opportunity. At 10 Federal, we want to reduce the stress you feel as you move so you can focus on welcoming this next chapter.

A self storage unit gives you a place to put your belongings as you transition into a new home. Upsizing or downsizing, moving across town or across the country, a storage unit can be that pit stop for your items between one home and another. It can help to break up your move into smaller chunks, making the task not feel quite so overwhelming.

Short-term and long-term storage are both options at 10 Federal, meaning if you are ahead of schedule or need some extra time, you can have your residential and moving storage either way without worry. You can also check out our page of moving tips, letting us help you in more ways than one.

Get Your Self Storage Experience Started With 10 Federal

At 10 Federal, we have experienced storage professionals who can help you make the most out of your storage unit. Find a 10 Federal Storage location near you with the best storage solutions for what you need.