Business Storage

Business Storage at 10 Federal

Organization is essential for keeping your business running smoothly. Not only do you need to stay on top of your calendar and keep your digital files kept in a way that makes sense, but you need to have a functional physical workspace that suits you and your employees as well.

Business storage is made easy at 10 Federal Storage. With both exterior drive-up storage units and interior climate-controlled storage units, a wide variety of unit sizes, and many locations to choose from throughout 12 states, 10 Federal Storage can be the best option for your commercial storage needs.

Businesses That Can Benefit From Self Storage

There is no one right way to utilize a self storage unit, but we do offer plenty of storage tips to point you in the right direction. However, when it comes to businesses, there are many that can find benefit in adding some storage space.

Document storage is easily done with a storage unit, where you can relocate those filing cabinets to make room for more desks for new employees. Alternatively, if you have an increasing amount of inventory, your self storage unit can work like a warehouse storage space. Self storage for your business equipment is great for landscapers or other outdoor business owners. Even small business owners have use for additional storage space if they are looking to dedicate a room in their homes as a personal office.

Warehouse Storage for Your Business

Inside your storage unit, you can absolutely place some free-standing shelf units to truly maximize your rented space. Load up those shelves with your goods and inventory, then drop by the 10 Federal Storage facility near you to pick up or drop off items when you need to.

Drive-up storage units are often an option at our facilities, and these are a great type of unit for business owners. You can park your vehicle directly outside your storage unit and transfer items into or out of your storage unit with unmatched ease, leaving you with the energy afterward to keep working throughout the rest of your busy workday.

Business Storage at Your Nearest 10 Federal Storage Facility

Take back the organization within your business with a self storage unit near you. With plenty of great features and numerous locations, storage at 10 Federal cannot be beat in terms of convenience. Find your nearest 10 Federal Storage facility today!