How to Store Your Winter Clothes Over the Summer

How to Store Your Winter Clothes Over the Summer

By 10 Federal Storage

Once the first signs of warmer weather move into your area, you probably want to do away with those bulky winter clothes that take up so much space. A storage unit is a great option for getting them out of the house to create more space for your summer closet, but you may be wondering how to store clothes in a storage unit. 10 Federal Storage has plenty of options for clothing storage, no matter the season. Read on to learn our best tips on winter clothing storage!

Double-Check the Climate

If you live somewhere that has attic space available for you to use, this likely is not the best place to store your clothes over the summer. To keep clothes from being damaged, they need to be kept cool and dry, and most attics are not climate-controlled. A storage unit equipped with climate control will keep your clothes at a consistent temperature all year, ensuring delicate fabrics don’t get ruined.

Keep Pests Out

Most insects and rodents like lots of clutter. To keep them from eating through or otherwise damaging your winter clothes over the summer, schedule a time to clean out your storage unit. If need be, try to reorganize it so that there is limited clutter for pests to hide in.   

Also be sure to thoroughly clean and dry all clothing before you put it in storage. Any food stains or crumbs left on your garments could invite pests like rodents or cockroaches. In case all else fails, you can also invest in pest control methods like sprays or traps.

Storage Methods for Winter Clothes

Now that you know where to store winter items and keep them safe, you need to know how to store clothes long-term. There are many different textures to winter clothes. The best rule of thumb when thinking about how to store winter clothes is to fold items that may get stretched when hung up for long periods of time.  

For items that you choose to fold, you will want to keep them in a secure plastic bin to deter pests from getting to them. Be sure to fold neatly and tightly to reduce wrinkling. Items that get hung up should be protected by some kind of plastic covering. We recommend investing in a garment rack for easy hanging.

Additional Tips

Here are some other tips that will help your winter clothes survive all summer in a storage unit:

● Stuff shoes and boots with newspaper or shoe trees to keep their shape.

● Store clothes in secure luggage to cut costs.

● Clear plastic bins allow visual access.

● Label all bins and boxes.

● Look into vacuum-sealed bags for safe hanging.

● Add dehumidifiers to the unit or silica gel packets to the bins to reduce humidity.

● Deodorize shoes before storing them to get rid of smells.  

To allow more space in your home for your summer wardrobe, consider storing bulky winter clothes in a storage unit. Unsure of where to begin? 10 Federal Storage has you covered for all your storage needs. Rent a storage unit today to keep your winter clothes secure until the colder weather comes back.

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