Tips for Packing Like a Pro

Tips for Packing Like a Pro

By 10 Federal Storage

The process of finding a new place, submitting an application, and finally being ready to move is exhausting. However, once you finally find a new place to live and have a move-in date set, the truly exhausting work of sorting through and packing up all your belongings begins. In order to save yourself some stress and actually enjoy the process of moving into your new home, it’s important to have a solid plan in place as you begin to pack.

Here at 10 Federal we are ready to help you pack like a pro with these tips for packing for a move. We will take you through what materials you will need, when to start packing for your move, and how to pack specific items such as dishes, furniture, electronics, and clothing. Not only can we offer advice for your move, but we can also provide a convenient place to store any items that you are not taking with you to your new home. Continue reading for tips on how to pack for your move and stop by your nearest 10 Federal facility for high-quality storage units near you.

Materials You Need When Packing for a Move

One of the most important things to plan for as you are beginning your moving process is making sure you have all the necessary materials for packing. It helps to first go through what you already have to see what it is that you need to purchase. Take inventory of how many plastic totes, bags, and boxes you already have to pack items into. You will also need to ensure you have enough packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and furniture covers.

However, if you are moving items into a 10 Federal storage unit, you can always stop by our office to purchase any moving and packing supplies you may have forgotten. We offer moving boxes of all sizes, bubble wrap, packing tape, furniture covers, mattress bags, and moving pads. 

When To Start Packing for a Move

No matter what the timeline is for your move you still want to give yourself an ample amount of time to pack and prepare your items for either a move or long-term storage. You don’t want to still be packing boxes and running around the day you are meant to move out, especially if you have hired movers and are paying by the hour. The best advice is to start packing items a little bit at a time a couple of weeks before your move-in date.

Not only will this prevent you from becoming overwhelmed during this process, but it will also allow you to readjust and purchase items you might be running out of in a more timely manner than if you are doing everything at the last minute. Out-of-season items such as holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and outdoor sports equipment are a great place to start as you will not have a use for these items when they are being packed. From there, you can decide which items you can live without for a particular amount of time and save items that you use on a regular basis for last. 

How To Pack Specific Items for a Move

While it would be much easier to just throw all your items into a box or tote and pack it onto the truck, this does not bode well for the safety of your items, particularly items that are made of glass or ceramic. That’s why it’s important to know the proper way to pack each item to protect it from damage as you travel with these items either in your own vehicle or in a moving truck. From furniture and clothing to dishes and electronics, there are different methods and steps that need to be taken to properly pack your belongings.


Furniture can be incredibly difficult to pack as it does not fit in a box and there is a lot more opportunity for damage if not handled properly. The first step to preparing your furniture for a move is to take apart any furniture you are able to before move-in day. Take drawers out of dressers and tables, dismantle your bed frame, and pack up couch cushions in boxes or trash bags. As you take your furniture apart, make sure to place any screws or other small pieces into a plastic bag for safekeeping.

After taking everything apart, you will also want to clean each piece of furniture. This will prevent any sort of dirt or grime from entering your new home. Once everything has been taken apart and cleaned, you can begin wrapping your furniture in plastic wrap or bubble wrap. Make sure everything is covered and well protected, especially sharp corners that may puncture other items in your moving truck. This is the best way to ensure furniture will not be torn, scratched, or punctured as it is being transported. It is especially important to wrap up any wooden furniture as this material is most susceptible to damage.


Packing up clothes for a move can sometimes cause the biggest headache depending on the amount you own and if it needs to be folded or hung while being transported. The best thing you can do is to go through and sort your clothes before you even start packing them away. Sort them by types of clothing such as pants, shirts, and dresses as well as if they can or cannot be folded when packed. If you own something that is delicate in nature or wrinkles easily, you may want to consider leaving it on the hanger. This is also a good time for you to perhaps clean out your closet and get rid of some things you may not want anymore.

Once you’ve determined how each article of clothing needs to be packed, it’s time to finally either fold them up and place them in a cardboard box or suitcase or leave them on the hanger and put them in a wardrobe box or garment bag. You will also need to think about how you are packing your hangers as well because they can easily become tangled together. The best thing to do is tie them together before placing them into the box to save you time as you unpack.


One of the most common questions for most people as they begin the packing process is how to pack dishes properly. Since most dishes are made of ceramic or glass, they are incredibly delicate and require a lot of care as they are packed. It’s important to have lots of bubble wrap, newspapers, or even blankets available to wrap your dishes in. Not only should you be wrapping each individual dish in bubble wrap, but you should also be placing an additional layer between each row of dishes for an added layer of support. This can be bubble wrap or a piece of cardboard to separate the layers.

Another piece of advice is to make sure you are not packing too many heavy dishes into one box. Your large boxes should really be saved for lighter items that are easier to carry and won’t cause any sort of injury to the person carrying them. Try to mix heavy dishes with some lighter items that are either in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home to make it easier on you and your family or whoever is helping you move. You will be thankful later when you aren’t icing your back rather than unpacking in your new home. 


Given how expensive electronics are at times, it’s understandable to want to protect them as you move to your new home. Again, bubble wrap and plastic wrap is your best friend as you begin to prepare everything for a move. Most of your electronics should be moved on their own without being placed in a box unless it is the original box it came in. This is because of the glass screen that is on many electronics such as televisions and desktop computers. This is why it is important to wrap everything in bubble wrap and plastic wrap to prevent your screens from shattering. 

If you are a gamer, you need to make sure to clean your gaming controller and Xbox or PlayStation prior to packing it away. These electronics can go in a regular cardboard box, but would be much safer if stored in the original box they were purchased in. You will also need to make sure to wrap up all cords tight enough that they won’t unravel but not so tight that it causes damage to the protective cover of the wires. To keep wires wrapped together, you may consider using a twist tie or something else to tie them together. 

Find Additional Storage Space After a Move at 10 Federal Self Storage

Still have questions about packing up your items for a move or long-term storage? Find the packing and moving tips you need by checking out our blog. Once you finally make that big move across town, bring all your additional storage items to 10 Federal. Rent or reserve your storage unit online today.

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