Tips to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Tips to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

By 10 Federal Storage

Everyone knows the feeling, you’re just coming out of winter, it's starting to get warmer, and the sun breaks through the cloudy days. You want the inside of your house to reflect all the good vibes outside, when it hits, the inspiration to clean. Spring cleaning and decluttering is a must-do activity that helps bring in the new weather. As you’re trying to seize the inspiration and eliminate all the clutter you accumulated through the winter while also letting the breeze freshen up your space, consider these tips to make your spring cleaning easier provided by 10 Federal Self Storage.  

Why Is Spring Cleaning Necessary?  

You could ask, why is there no winter cleaning? Or summer cleaning? And the answer is after spending the fall and winter months inside more than outside, there’s a normal amount of accumulation of items and dust that could be hindering your day-to-day routine.   

Not only is spring cleaning necessary to maintain a neat space, but it also impacts how you might feel physically and mentally. Being in an over cluttered home increases anxiety and frustrations hindering productivity. Here are just a few reasons you should get into your spring cleaning mode:  

  • Better air quality: Cleaning out your personal space means removing unnecessary items that could be holding onto dust, dirt, and other allergens from your living space. Dusting your house can significantly help the air quality and remove the risk of an irritated respiratory system. 

  • Reduces stress and anxiety: All those items building up and getting disorganized in your environment can cause stress and anxiety which means a tidier space can boost your mood and promote relaxation

  • Cost-effective: If everything is getting overcrowded or consistently covered in dust, taking the time to clean it can help avoid costly repairs and replacements by preventing those issues early on which increases the lifespan of your home and appliances. 

  • Free up space: If you do at-home workouts or have kids, decluttering can provide benefits to physical activities around the house. No trips and falls because the cluttered and messy areas aren’t even there.   

Spring Cleaning Tips  

Now that the necessity has been established, how can spring cleaning be made accessible to you? It’s easy to have a little dread going into cleaning when you think about everything you need to do, but let’s go over a spring cleaning checklist that will make this process a little less overwhelming. You could follow one, or all of these, and end up with decent results because you’re in that spring cleaning mindset.   

  • Make a plan: It is important to have a list of rooms or parts of your home that need to be prioritized, this approach will help you stay focused.

  • Get the right tools: Making sure you have the cleaning supplies and tools is the next step, so check for microfiber cloths, a vacuum, and a mop.

  • Cleaning products: Constantly buying new cleaning products can be a hassle, so knowing how to use vinegar, baking soda, and lemon is a great alternative! It helps you avoid harsh chemicals and be aware of your environmental impact.

  • Clean from top to bottom: It is best to clean from the top of the room, like the ceiling, and then work your way down. It will prevent dirt and dust from dirtying already cleaned areas.

  • Small details matter: Overlooked areas can cause issues later, so keep in mind baseboards, light fixtures, and windowsills as these often neglected areas can hold significant amounts of dust.

  • Ask for help: Maybe you’re the first one to jump into cleaning, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from those who live with you. The whole process will benefit everybody living in your home, so make spring cleaning a team effort.

Spring Decluttering Tips   

Although spring cleaning and spring decluttering might seem the same, they both need a different approach. For decluttering, it is more about sorting and organizing rather than the nitty gritty of getting on your knees and scrubbing, but there is still a general checklist you can follow to assist with the process.   

  1. Start with a goal: Beginning with a goal will assist in a specific area being decluttered, so if you want your garage cleaned out or the entire house, make it clear.

  2. Make three piles: To really declutter you need to sort your belongings. Create three piles to either keep, donate, or throw away. It can help you decide how to organize and what to keep.

  3. Take it one step further: Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to organize the items you’ve kept. Use storage solutions such as bins, baskets, or shelves to keep everything tidy and easy to find.

  4. Make a system: The last step is to maintain your decluttered space by regularly going through your belongings and getting rid of anything you no longer need or use to prevent clutter from building up again.

Find the Space To Make Spring Cleaning Happen  

Now that you’ve gotten the basis for the tips, the next big question that comes to mind is where will you put all your recently cleaned, organized items. Finding the right spot for furniture, school supplies, antiques, clothes, pokemon cards, or even Grandpa’s old action figures helps solidify spring cleaning. If you’ve got a throw-away pile you won’t need space for that, but what about your other items?   

  • Donate: Finding a local Goodwill or Salvation Army can provide you with an establishment that will take your lightly used items. 

  • Storage Bins: Investing in a set of storage bins to place in an attic or garage can be the first step in preventing further clutter down the line because you already have a space to put your organized items in. 

  • Renting a Storage Unit: If you don’t want storage bins taking over your home, then maybe renting a storage unit is the solution you need. Self-storage helps remove the clutter from your house while meeting a variety of needs for your items. 

Rent a 10 Federal Storage Unit Today

If spring cleaning and decluttering are something you’re determined to be consistent with, maybe renting a space to be organized is what you need. Having your own storage unit could eliminate all your clutter, so look no further! Find a location near you or contact 10 Federal Self Storage online today to start your decluttering journey!  

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