You’ll Want to Remember These 10 Moving Tips for Your Next Move

You’ll Want to Remember These 10 Moving Tips for Your Next Move

By 10 Federal Storage
If you have ever moved before, you know that it can be an arduous process from beginning to end. If you have done it more than once, you probably have learned some tips and tricks to help make the process easier. However, even if you have plenty of practice, moving can still seem daunting. In this article, you will find tips for moving, including packing and unpacking tips.

10 Important Moving Tips

1. Contact Any Services Well in Advance

The worst thing that could happen is waiting until the last minute to call a moving truck company or moving assistance and not having anything available for the day you want or have to move. To ensure that you can have the proper resources you need, you should call the companies at least one month in advance. If you wait for longer, you risk not having the service you need or costing yourself more money to use the service. This includes any services you may need when you get to your new place.

2. Make Yourself a Realistic Schedule

Having to rush in the week before your move will only cause you more stress. Planning ahead and building a realistic schedule can help you stay on track and give you the certainty that you have everything you will need in your next location. You may even be able to plan it out so you are packed well in advance of the move. Having a schedule can also allow you to break the packing into shorter amounts, so the process doesn’t seem as overwhelming or tiring. So, what does a realistic schedule look like? If you work a normal 40-hour week, you likely aren’t going to be able to come home and get an entire room packed in a night. Try to segment your rooms up as best you can to start the packing process little by little while utilizing days off to pack bigger amounts. For example, aim to get two shelves of your hall closet packed on a night after work and maybe your entire closet over the weekend.

3. Cut Down on Clutter

We all have those dishes that we hold on to in case of a certain situation arises or that one top we keep even though it’s faded and tattered. When you move, it’s time to cut sentimental ties and quit thinking about what-ifs. If you only remember one of these packing tips for moving, let it be this one: anything that won’t be useful to you in your new home or if you haven’t used it in a year, it’s time to part ways with that item.

4. Label Boxes Clearly

You may be too tired when you first move into your new place to completely unpack all of your items. That is why it is so important to make sure boxes are properly labeled in as much detail as you need to find your items. If you get to your new house and need a shower or a new set of clothes, you want to be able to find them with ease. Another way you can help keep your stuff organized is by keeping items from the same room in the same boxes. When you start mixing stuff from your kitchen in the box that has bathroom items in it, you will begin to be confused as to where everything is. Keep your boxes organized by room.

5. Pack Securely, Especially Fragile Items

Just like you wouldn’t put a milk jug on top of a carton of eggs in a shopping bag, you shouldn’t put heavy items on top of light items in your moving boxes. If you have a durable flat item, this can also help increase the structure of the bottom of your boxes. You also want to try to use up as much space as possible within your boxes to keep items from shifting and limit the number of boxes needed. If something does happen to shift or fall, ensure that fragile and breakable items are wrapped in bubble wrap or paper to keep them protected. Also, make sure that your boxes are taped securely. Clear packing tape is the best kind you can buy to seal up the creases in the box. To make the bottom more structurally sound, don’t be afraid to tape it three or four times, and even tape along the sides of the bottom instead of just where the flaps meet. You can never have too much tape, but you can have too little.

6. Have Safe and Direct Pathways and Plans

When packing, you may notice that your house becomes a lot more cluttered and disorganized. By the time you actually move, you should have that mess cleaned up as most of your belongings should be in a box. That being said, you want to make sure you have safe pathways to each room or create them as you load the vehicle. Whether it is just you, some friends or family, or professional movers, you need clear space to be able to walk from room to room. You also should have a plan for loading up the moving vehicle. If there are bigger items that are more difficult to move, you may want to start with those while you have the most energy and work your way down to the lighter stuff. Or, if you have someone helping who is only able to be there for a few hours, move items that are awkward or too bulky for one person to move. Know what your plan is before starting to load. You will likely have to adjust, but it’s better to have a plan than to go in blind.

7. Make a Folder and Keep it with You

Any important information (such as the address of your new location, the lease or proof of purchase, contracts, etc.) needs to put organized into a folder so you can easily find all the information. Phones and laptops may die when you need access to them, so be sure to have hard copies. You also want to keep anything that you may need during the journey with you in the front of the vehicle you use to move. This will help reduce the stress of the moving journey greatly.

8. Pack a Cooler and Any Essential Items

If you have a multiple hour move ahead of you, you will need to have water and food along the way. One of the most forgotten tips for moving is to pack these items with you. Yes, you can pull over and grab a quick bite at a fast-food restaurant, but you may need snacks along the way. Moving is a grueling and expensive process. It may be easier to grab stuff before you leave and make sure it is packed properly so it is easily available to you when you stop.

9. Unpack Only Necessary Items at First

Even if you can stop for the night and get a full eight hours of sleep, you will still be tired after unpacking your vehicle into your home. Get your boxes into your house or even just the items you need for the night (like a mattress and shower stuff) and call it a day. Your boxes will still be there tomorrow for you to unpack. When you do decide to unpack, start with the kitchen, as you will need to eat before you need many of the other items in your boxes.

10. Set a Deadline if You Need Motivation

Once you have gotten some of the essentials out of boxes, it can be difficult to find the motivation to unpack. When you are in a new city and have things you want to explore or if a new job starts shortly after you move, you may also have a time struggle. If you find yourself putting off unpacking, set some kind of deadline. Invite friends over to see your new place or throw some sort of housewarming party. Turn on some jams and power through your unpacking before guests start to arrive!

Self Storage Can Help With Your Move

If you find yourself unpacking and running out of room for items you only need every now and again or if your new place is smaller than your other one and you need somewhere to store items until you can get a bigger place, look into self storage. Self storage may also be a good option if you have a moving service and don’t want to unpack everything as soon as you arrive. Here at 10 Federal Storage, we provide access to a wide range of convenient and affordable storage units near you. And when you’re in your new place, take some time to sit back, relax, and be proud of yourself for your successful move. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

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