Your Guide to Climate-Controlled Storage

Your Guide to Climate-Controlled Storage

By 10 Federal Storage

Whether it’s a move to a new town or an upgrade to something bigger and better, self storage can help you eliminate clutter and keep items well-organized during times of transition. However, you may need an additional layer of protection for some of your items—like those made of more delicate material. 

With climate-controlled storage, you gain access to the environment your items deserve. In this guide from 10 Federal, we will take you through the ins and outs of climate-controlled storage including why you should choose climate-controlled storage, what this unique feature is, and how to prepare items for climate-controlled storage. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Climate-Controlled Storage

Before we can give you all the best tips and tricks for choosing the right climate-controlled unit, we want to make sure all your inquiries about this unique storage feature are answered. So, without further ado, let’s answer some questions!

What is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Climate-controlled storage is a type of storage that maintains a temperature-controlled environment year-round. These units remain within a consistent temperature range no matter how hot or cold it becomes outside. In turn, this helps certain items maintain their shape and fight off damage that extreme weather conditions and intense temperatures may cause. 

What Items Can I Store in a Climate-Controlled Unit?

If you own an item you believe is susceptible to weather-related damage, these units offer the perfect oasis. Temperature-controlled storage units provide optimal environmental conditions for wood, leather, lace, or metal items. Items that are especially at risk of incurring damage caused by extreme temperature include:

  • Wooden furniture

  • Clothing made of leather or lace

  • Musical instruments

  • Kitchen appliances

  • Electronics

  • Metal sports equipment

  • Paper documents (such as books or newspapers)

What Are the Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage?

Exposure to hot or cold temperatures isn’t going to cause damage to your delicate storage items right away. However, over time your items may begin to lose their shape or suffer from detrimental effects if not stored properly. Leather items may start to warp or tear, metal will begin to rust, wood begins warping, and lace may become discolored.

This is where climate-controlled storage comes in. When you store items in an area that remains within a consistent temperature range, you cut down the risk that comes with storing items in a non-controlled environment. 

Climate-controlled storage can also help your business with inventory management and document storage by safeguarding these valuable items against damage. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit is the best option for both residents and businesses looking to prevent damage caused by extreme temperatures.

Climate-Controlled Storage Tips

While climate-controlled storage offers an added layer of protection to your items, there are still some ways to further protect your items from becoming damaged while in a storage unit. Begin by properly cleaning your items for storage, investing in proper packing materials, and focusing on the organization of the unit itself.

Clean Your Items for Long-Term Storage

The first step to any storage venture is cleaning each of your items prior to placing them in your climate-controlled unit. Given the delicate nature of the items being stored, this step is especially important and requires extra care to ensure your items stay in good condition.

For items made of wood, begin by dusting off the item before cleaning it with a damp cloth and wood cleaner. If you are storing furniture made of leather, you can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and apply furniture polish. Metal items can be wiped down with a damp cloth, but you need to make sure they have dried completely. 

For delicate clothing items, we suggest having them cleaned by a professional if you can. If not, hand-wash all items and make sure you let them dry completely before placing them into a storage container. 

Invest in Proper Packing Materials

The next step in preparing items for long-term storage is making sure you have access to the right packing supplies. Standard boxes and packing tape are necessary for all items—however, some of your belongings will need more than just that.

Additional supplies you should invest in include:

  • Plastic wrap. This can be used to wrap furniture or placed on the ground to prevent water from seeping onto your items.

  • Acid-free envelopes. If you are storing old photographs or documents that may fade, acid-free envelopes can provide an additional layer of protection to prevent damage.

  • Bubble wrap. Wrap items made of glass or porcelain in bubble wrap to prevent any cracking or breakage as they are being moved and transported.

  • Furniture covers. Place these over each piece of furniture to keep dust from accumulating.

  • Garment bags. Keep delicate clothing in a garment bag or acid-free container to keep them from becoming wrinkled.

Focus on Organization

Finally, it’s time to pack up your climate-controlled storage unit. Prior to move-in day, label all your boxes to make the organization of your storage unit easier. Fragile items need to be stacked on top of sturdier items and anything made of leather or cloth should not be stored on the ground in case of water damage.

You will also want to keep in mind which items you may need quick access to down the line. If you don’t think you will need that wooden rocking chair for a few years, store it in the back of your unit. However, those golf clubs you use every Sunday afternoon will need to be stored closer to the front. 

Accessibility and item material need to be kept in mind when organizing your storage unit. For more advice on packing up your storage unit, head over to our storage tips page.

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